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Max. My home page is a collection of varied things I like. I try to keep themes on added pages:

Fire-and-Water - painting, digital art
Concordia - nature, people & animals
For-Redheads - just redheads/gingers (For-Redheads is a separate account.)

My avatar is by Chaotic-AlterEgo

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Inferno by `girltripped on deviantART

(via adnanali)

Bloom by Solve Sundsbo

TILDA  “Tilda Swinton hasn’t transcended notions of gender and sex as much as she’s obliterated them.” Photographed by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Irina Davis — Russian pin-up girls. "Russian "girls" in the ’40s and ’50s were taught to be tough and work hard.   I am saddened by the fact that Russia never had the chance to enjoy the happy pin-up times of America’s postwar period. My concept is to portray pure beauty, femininity and sexuality, not to objectify but to empower. "

Alex Prager

50s chiller 2010 Despair" short film by Alex Prager with Bryce Dallas Howard

Despair. Bryce Dallas Howard in short film by Alex Prager

An Intimate Affair by Brooke Shaden

Fire and Water by Chaotic-AlterEgo. “Yes, fire and water are opposites, but moist heat is the source of all living things. Creation comes about through the resolution of opposing forces.”

"All around the world, in several mythologies we find this same pattern, fire and water (or ice) as symbols of antagonist chaotic forms combining to give birth to a new systematic form of existence. From a physiological point of view it might be representing male and female, universal opposites that cannot exist by themselves. And from a psychological point of view, it stands for the duality of character inherent to human beings." - Chaotic-AlterEgo

thanks to Chaotic for letting me use this piece in my profile - max

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